What is a gummy smile?

Gummy smile is a smile in which the right side of the upper lips (gingival tissue) is overgrown. The right ones are seen during moderate laughs, as well as with a wide smile. In a modern and aesthetically challenging society, smile is an important component of individual attraction. It is a central element in the expression of the face, which occurs when the circular lumbar muscle relaxes and activates the muscles of the upper lips.

Causes of formation

In the gummy smile smile, there are usually two components that work together, which are:
1) a bone component, which is not always visible, in an excessive maxillary vertical dimension created as a result of excessive development of the alveolar processus – the alveolar ridge. Detailed analyzes and cephalometric measurements can determine whether this factor exists with a particular person.
2) changes in soft tissues, such as: gout hypertrophy caused by different causes; right-sized normal size, but with small, small teeth; hyperactivity of the upper lip lifters.

How can a gummy smile be repaired?

Solving this aesthetic problem requires a multidisciplinary approach. The most important thing is to first talk to the patient in order to find out what is actually troubling him. Then, after conducting detailed analyzes, cephalometric measurements and aesthetic analyzes, an appropriate solution for the patient is obtained. Sometimes these solutions are very simple and quick, and require a short intervention. In some cases, however, the best solution requires the use of multiple therapies (orthodontic therapy, surgical therapy – gingivoplasty, aesthetic correction of teeth by minimally invasive methods, application of chemical substances – boutolinum toxin A injection), as well as a longer period of time to achieve the desired smile and patient satisfaction .


FIGURE 1: Combination Therapy: Surgical Therapy – Gingivoplasty and Composite Facets on Upper Teeth.