Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with the treatment of irregularities of teeth and jaw structures. Our clinic works with a special dental practice ORTIS which deals exclusively with orthodontic patients. By continuous improvement and team work they have gained extensive experience in the field of contemporary clinical practice. The following text has been taken from their website with the permission of the owner.

Malocclusion – Bad bite occurs when tooth or jaw structures can not be properly fixed together, to lie close to  each other properly. Malocclusion can cause speech difficulty, premature wear of teeth and protective enamel and can increase the chances of dental and jaw joint diseases.

The first orthodontic control should happen when the first signs of orthodontic problems occur, but no later than 7 years. At this early age you usually do not need treatment but through the examination expected time for the start of treatment can be recognized and accepted. First contact is best established through dialogue and discussion about possible treatment options.

The most common questions are:

– if your situation requires orthodontic treatment

– whether it is necessary to carry out the treatment now, or it may be delayed to a later period

– which orthodontic appliances can perform the correction of irregularities of teeth

– what is the estimated cost of the treatment.

Early assessment helps to detect problems and offers great opportunities for effective treatment. Vigilantly monitoring the signs of growth and development is the prevention of possible later problems.

Benefits of early treatment are:

– the effect on growth in a positive direction

– the harmonization of the width of dental arches

– improving the growth of permanent teeth

– reducing the risk of trauma of protudiranih front tooth

– the correction of harmful oral habits

– improving the aesthetics and self-confidence

– simplifying or shortening the time for later corrections

– reducing the possibility of impaktiranih permanent teeth

– to improve speech problems

– to keep or to get space for permanent teeth.

Doctors have a high awareness of the importance of conversations with parents during each scheduled visit. Information on the progress of treatment, hygiene, new mechanics which is used or the treatment plan are always available.

We are always interested to present you the best solution for your child, but we are prepared to present other possible options.

Orthodontics is an investment for life. The price of treatment has to provide quality services and the results that comes at the end of therapy and represents a framework within which it must find a balance.

For additional information, please see the website of specialist dental practice ORTIS www.ortis.co.rs