Why is dental health important in children?

Children’s and preventive dentistry was a result of the need for the youngest members of society to deci- sive complete dental care.
Healthy teeth are part of the oral cavity and have a multiple function. They participate in the function of chewing and speech, have an aesthetic significance, give stimulus to the growth and development of the fork, that is, to the harmonious development of the face, and also have a great influence on the child’s psychological development.
Sick teeth often cause pathological changes, which negatively affect the health and development of the child.
Children’s mouth and teeth health is a prerequisite for a general health condition, as there is no total health without oral health.

What is the task of child dentistry?

The task of children’s dentistry is:

  1. prevention and treatment of all clinical manifestations of pathological processes in the mouth of children
  2. creating trust in children and the desire to accept dental work
  3. giving advice to the child and parents how chewing organs can be preserved.

Preventive methods that we use in our clinic

In our clinic, preventive methods and tools are applied, especially attention is paid to the education and training of parents and children in relation to the proper maintenance of oral hygiene and proper nutrition (this should be linked with more extensive texts on these topics) with the texts that we are trying to work in as early as possible before the onset of the disease. Our goal is to enable the children to properly develop and function their mouth and teeth, to detect and treat diseases of the mouth and teeth in a timely manner, thus preventing the influence of sick teeth on the developing organism.
In working with children, we try to adapt the treatment to the age, general health condition and psychological type of child. We pay particular attention to communicating with children, and to familiarize ourselves with the personality of the child, including his physical and mental development.

What is important for success in working with children?

Success in working with children depends greatly on getting the child’s confidence, as well as the feeling of being comfortable when they come to our office. Our greatest pleasure is the child with healthy teeth, and he comes to a regular check with a smile, runs into the office and asks parents: “When will we come back here again?”
In the waiting room of our clinic, we made a children’s corner where there are lots of toys, picture books, crayons and other little things, as well as a wooden crocodile on which children enjoy sitting. This corner allows them to have fun and relax.
Investing in a child and his health, upbringing and education means capital investment, without which any development is impossible.