The implant is a titanium screw that is surgically implanted in the jawbone and replaces the root of the missing teeth. The implant can be embedded in the upper and lower jaw. A strong bond with the bone is formed during the time.

Benefits of implanting:

  • preserving facial aesthetics
  • functional rehabilitation
  • preventing the gradual loss of bone at the site of the lost teeth
  • preserving the remaining healthy teeth

Implants are installed:

  • when one tooth is missing
  • when more teeth are missing
  • when all the teeth are missing

When one tooth is missing and the surrounding teeth are healthy or with small seals, then the implantation of the implant to the place of the natural tooth is an ideal solution. In these cases, the need for bridges and the grinding of adjacent teeth is avoided. And on the implant itself, a ceramic crown is completely aesthetically and functionally satisfying.

When several adjacent teeth are missing, by installing two or more implants in the bezubu region, the basis for the creation of a fixed compensation (bridge) is obtained. This eliminates the need for partial prosthesis very successfully.

When all teeth are missing, by implanting, soothe people can again feel pleasure in a functional and aesthetic sense, as if they had their own natural teeth. By installing multiple implants in the fork, the basis for the fixed work (bridge) is obtained, and the total prostheses can be replaced by fixed ceramic bridges.

There are, however, cases where in the unwashed patient there is not enough bone tissue for the implantation of a large number of implants that would carry fixed work, and at the same time the remaining tissue does not provide stability of total denture. Then there is the possibility of installing a small number of special implants, which carry elements on which the total denture is attached, which ensures stability.

In our clinic are installed “Ankylos” implants, which give high percentages of installation performance and fantastic functional and aesthetic solutions.