Piezo Surgery  is a young branch of surgery that has led to great progress in dentistry, easing work in surgery and providing greater comfort to patients . The effect of piezoelectric devices is based on piezoelectric and three-dimensional ultrasound microvibrations, without the use of rotary drills and cutters. It makes it completely non traumatic method of processing bone which results in much less post-operative swelling. Large selection of cutting extensions provides an opportunity for applications in implantology, oral surgery and periodontal surgery.

Advantages are reflected in:

  • high-precision and maximum operative visibility
  • minimal damage of soft tissue and bone loss
  • protecting tooth structure
  • minimal bleeding
  • fast healing

Piezo device is used for:

  • Non traumatic teeth extraction-which keeps the maximum bone structure and reduces the stress for patients
  • Taking bone-transplants from a small space in the area of ​​the upper and lower jaw, in order to compensate the existing bone defect in the alveolar ridge and allow installation of Implant
  • Sinus lift
  • Expansion of alveolar extension of mandible in order to create conditions for the implant